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Financial Services

Corporate Tax

If your company is looking for business tax preparation services, we can help. Our corporate tax preparation service is up to date with the ins and outs of the tax law and policy of the corporate world, from the federal tax system right down to your specific regional details. Contact us now at (770) 789-3000 for more information!

Personal Tax

Farrar Financial Group provides quick, precise, and accurate personal income tax preparation services. In addition to our services for corporations, small businesses, and self employed people, our personal income tax preparers are happy to make sure your taxes get filed accurately and on time, no matter how simple or complicated your personal income situation might be.

Trust Tax Preparation

If you have a trust set up to benefit someone in your family, or because you have certain goals when it comes to planning an estate, Farrar Financial Group can help work out the details to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Estate Tax Preparation

If your estate is simple, an estate tax return may not have to be filed in your name. However, a simple-seeming estate situation may in fact be more complicated to figure out than it looks.

Tax Preparation

A tax professional knows all of the details of tax law, and how it applies to your specific situation. That can mean bigger refunds, more deductions, and advice or counsel through some of the most complicated aspects of the law and policy of your region.

Late Tax Filing

If you haven’t gotten to that level of planning, then you’re one of the many Americans who file their taxes late every year. While this is a big problem, and if left unchecked can lead to significant financial penalties down the line, it’s a relatively simple problem to fix.

Small Business Tax

If your small business is very small, and does not have assets, or hasn’t sold anything, then your small business may have a simple enough return that you can do it alone, or with one of the many available online tax preparation softwares. However, most small businesses do need a tax preparer.

Tax Planning

Our tax professionals are experts at filing taxes and making sure you get the most beneficial outcome at the end of the process. Contact us now to make an appointment with one of our specialists or to get more information on the service we provide.

Tax Filing

If you’re not sure if you need to file a return, or you would like more information about how you could benefit from filing one anyway, you can set up a meeting with one of our agents by calling (770) 789-3000 now.

Business Tax Preparation

Running a business is a brave and noble task that sometimes carries a great deal of personal and financial risk. Some of the greatest risk comes from inaccurate record keeping, which can lead to getting slammed with unexpected tax expenses when you file.

Gift Tax Preparation

Gifts valued over a certain amount can be taxed, however. It’s important to keep records of which gifts are given away, and how much the gifts are worth. Farrar Financial Group is proud to be able to offer you the services of our tax professionals, who know the ins and outs of how gift tax law works, and can help you prepare for your tax season.

Non-Filed Tax Return

At Farrar Financial Group, we provide the best of the best when it comes to quick, painless, nononsense tax filing. We can guarantee that your taxes will be filed on time and to the highest possible degree of precision. Even the smallest filing error can lead to penalties or other problems, and the average American is simply too busy doing everything required of their own life to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of tax law and policy.

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